Use The Force to Make Some Cash!

I write a lot about using intuition and imagination to change your life for the better. Call it the law of attraction or the power of intention, I sometimes call it THE FORCE! (Yes I am a big Star Wars geek!) But really it is all about  faith and belief in your imagination. Your imagination IS The Force and your life is exactly as you imagine it to be, in other words, what you think about becomes real.  Usually, this is where I start talking about visualizing your desires, etc.  Well today I am going to go about this a bit differently.

What is the biggest problem you currently have?  I am going to use my finely trained power of intuition and say that your biggest problem right now is lack of money, isn’t that true?  Okay, okay, I know it doesn’t take much intuition to know that many people reading this are lacking money right now.  But I still stand by my statement.  Okay, so you need money. Maybe your out of a job or maybe you want a better job or maybe you just want to get some extra cash for some reason. Whatever the reason, you want some cash.  Well I am going to give you the secret to making money. And, you don’t even need to know how your going to get the money or where it will come from. In fact, we are not even going to worry about the how, where or why and you will still get your money!

Using the Force to Make Money!

Okay so here it is, I am about to reveal the secret….You ready?

First, I want you to be clear about exactly how much money you want.  Don’t just say, I want some extra cash. How much extra cash?  Do you just need a lump some now or do you want to have cash coming in every week or month?  Again, don’t worry about how it will be done, just be clear about how much you want and how often you will want it coming in.  Next, I want you to tap into how you will feel when you get that money.  Lets say, just for giggles, that I gave you the money you wanted right now.  How does it feel to have that cash right now?  I am not just talking emotion here.  Literally, how does it feel?  If you feel happy or joyful or relieved, how does it feel in your body?  Do you have butterflies in your stomach?  A feeling of energy or relaxation?  What kind of body posture do you have when you are feeling the feelings you have, having the money right now?  Now, I want you to take those feelings and link them to an image that represents you feeling that you have the money right now.  Visualize an event, like getting a check in the mail or opening your wallet and taking out that amount of cash you want.  See it in your mind. See it as if it is happening now, see it through your own eyes. Do NOT see an image of yourself like you are watching yourself in a scene from a movie. Actually be in that moment and FEEL IT REAL.  Imagine the feelings, sounds, smells, and images that represent that moment of having that cash in hand.  Hold onto that image until it starts to fade, then open your eyes.  Move around, shake your arms and legs and take a deep breath.  Now close your eyes and do the visualization again until it starts to fade. Then open your eyes and shake it off again.  Close your eyes and visualize it one final time and give it as much realism and feeling as you can muster and hold that image until it starts to fade.  Open your eyes and shake it off a final time and just bask in a feeling of gratitude and say to yourself with confidence, IT IS DONE!

Now, just let go of it.  It is done so there is no need to give it much thought any more. You may think about it now and then but don’t stress about it. Don’t start thinking about when its going to happen, just relax and know that it is done. In fact, just go about your days as you would normally and repeat the above exercise every evening, I suggest doing it just before bed.  Again, don’t worry about how the money will come, just know that it is coming.  Now is the time to keep yourself relaxed and open because you will find that your mind starts noticing little details and new thoughts may start coming to mind.  You may get an impulse or intuition to do something. Act on that feeling! These are messages from your intuitive mind guiding you towards your intended desire.

This method has never failed me and it will not fail you. The only thing that I must stress is, don’t give up.  Keep up repeating the exercise every night until you receive the money desired.  Even if it takes days or weeks, keep it up and keep the faith that it is already done and is on its way!  Remember, the more powerful the feelings you can generate during the exercise the faster the desire will manifest!  Use the Force!


  1. The things you are writing lately are getting very powerful again. These visualization techniques do work very well.

  2. Love This …Thank you, Michael!

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