Tarot Card Affirmation of the Day - Ten of Pentacles - for Monday May 9th 2016

Ten of Pentacles Each day I embody wealth and success.  I act in accordance with my desire for money and wealth by acting as if I am already wealthy. I give […]

Tarot Card Affirmation of the Day - TRUMP XII DEATH

Major Arcana – Tarot Trump XIII Death     Affirmation for Tarot Trump XIII – Death Death is a reminder. Ever present in the shadows it reminds me that there […]

Fear. Ok, if I left it at that this would be a really short article. But its very true. Fear is the biggest limitation in most people’s lives when it […]

As a professional who makes his living helping others, there is a considerable amount of soul searching that I do when it comes to deciding who to help and how […]

Podcast: Abundance for Healers, Intuitives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs Pilot episode of my new G+ Hangout and podcast. There are many spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs in the market today.  You would […]

The Law of Attraction: The Missing Piece

The Law of Attraction: The Missing Piece Many people have written about the law of attraction. In fact, over the past few years, thousands of books have been written and […]

The Secret of Money and Abundance

What is Money? Money is one of the most important ideas in the world. Does that statement surprise you? Without money, nothing really gets done in this world. Even people […]

The Truth About Soul Mates

What are soul mates? As a psychic, I regularly consult with clients about relationship issues.  Romantic relationships are the most common kind that people ask about, however I also consult […]